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Robert McClory Bike Trail:South

The southern half of a rails-to-trails bike path through all of Lake County, IL from Highland Park to the State Line.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 13 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The Robert McClory Bike Trail may be known by many names, but it's soul has always remained the same-a straight, flat bike trail that ... more »

Tips:  The Robert McClory Bike Path generally parallels the Metra route through the southern half of Lake County, making one-way trips... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Braeside Station

Southern most trailhead.The Robery McClory Bike Path terminates here at the Lake/Cook county line, with a connection to the Green Bay Bike Path.

The trailhead can be reached easily by vehicle or bike from any direction.

The Metra station offers parking and a small building for shelter.

2. Ravinia Park

Ravinia Park is a festival grounds featuring a variety of musical acts throughout the summer. Check the link in the resources section for information about upcoming performances.

3. Ravinia Station

Metra Ravinia Station
Parking is available here.

4. Solar Journey by Terrence Karpowicz

One of many sculptures along the bike path commissioned by the City of Highland Park

Highland Park Metra Station

You have the two options here: bike the direct business route up St. John's Ave. or the bypass through the Highland Park neighborhoods. Both options lead to the same location-the continuation of the bike trail further north.

The direct route follows St. John's Ave. which parallels the train tracks north until it... More

6. Highland Park High School

Follow Vine Ave. east to the ramp which connects you back to the bike path.

7. Sem-Euphoria Spin by Fred Nagelbach

One of many sculptures along the bike path commissioned by the City of Highland Park

8. Fort Sheridan Bypass

The bike path takes to the road here to bypass the business district on Waukegan Ave in favor of the low traffic neighborhood streets.

As the signs along the path indicate, you'll want to cross Waukegan Ave. and head north to Bloom, east to St. John's Ave., and north to the paved path adjacent to Walker Ave where it goes around Fort Sheridan.

... More

9. Highwood Metra Station

The Highwood Metra station is not on the bike path, but it can be accessed from the North or South via Waukegan Ave.

10. Fort Sheridan Metra Station

Metra stop with small building and parking.

The Fort Sheridan Bypass reconnects to the Robert McClory Bike path at the NW corner of the intersection of Sheridan/McKinley Road and Old Elm Road.

Cold drinks and restrooms are available at the gas station adjacent to the Metra Station.

11. Lake Forest Metra Station

Metra stop with small building and parking.

12. North Shore Trail Junction

Here the Robert McClory Bike Path intersects the North Shore Trail.

The North Shore Trail is a paved/crushed limestone trail that parallels Hwy. 176 West 7.5 miles to Mundelein, IL.

13. Lake Bluff Station

Metra stop with small building and parking.

14. Great Lakes Metra Station

Northern most trailhead for this section of the guide. The bike path continues north to the state line. Be sure to check out my other guide, Robert McClory Bike Trail:North for the continuation to the State Line.

Metra stop with small building and parking which sits across from the Great Lakes Naval Station. The Great Lakes Naval station main... More