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Family-Friendly Tour of Stockholm

A guide for young travelers and those who are young at heart.
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 0.5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Stockholm is a very family-friendly city with many attractions that will satisfy the pickiest young travelers. This half-day tour... more »

Tips:  Always ask for a ticket discount for your child and make sure to have a school ID with you.

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Points of Interest

One of the most famous Stockholm attractions, this museum located in a 17th century warship is a treat for the whole family. Vasa sunk in 1628 and was recovered in 1961. The 69-meter-long ship houses nine exhibitions about life on board. There's a movie broadcast in 16 languages.
Adults, 110 SEK
Students, 80 SEK (with valid student ... More

Experience a real rainforest. Study catfish, stingrays and piranhas. Sea sharks, moray eel, corals, anemones and other Auqaria residents.
Adults, 90 SEK
Children 6-15 years, 50 SEK
Children 3-5 years, 25 SEK

September 1-June 14: Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-4:30pm
June 15-August 31: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm
Closed Monday

... More

3. Skansen Terrassen

A family-friendly self-service restaurant with an outside eating area in the summer.
October 1-April 30, 11am-4pm
May 1-June 19, 11am-5pm
June 20-August 14, 11am-7pm
August 15-September 30, 11am-5pm
Dec. 31, 11am-1am
Closed December 24-25

Djurgårdsslätten 49-51

The oldest open-air museum in the world is a perfect way to learn about Swedish crafts and traditions. More than 150 buildings were dissembled from around Sweden, moved and rebuilt in Skansen. Visit a wooden church, a tinsmith workshop, bakery, a manor house, pottery and many more. A great place to buy traditional handicrafts.
... More

5. Skansen Zoo

See native Scandinavians such as seals, moose, bears, wolves and lynxes. Within the zoo the Children’s Zoo, also known as Lill-Skansen, is home to about 30 animal species. Outside there is a contact field with goats.
Children 6-15, 60 SEK
Adult, 100 SEK
Seniors, 80 SEK

Daily, 10am-4pm

Djurgårdsslätten 49-51
SE... More