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Skåneleden trail: Genarp-Veberöd

Part of/del av SL 2 Nord till sydleden section/etapp 14-15.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 7.27 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  A classic climb up to a peak in the hilly wooded landscape. Easy to reach from Lund/Malmö.

En klassisk skånsk toppbestigning i... more »

Tips:  If you want, you can continue along the Skåneleden Trail to the north from Romeleklint to Väderkullen and on to the bus stop at... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Bus stop Genarp busstn/Hållplats Genarp busstn

See www.skanetrafiken.se or ring +46 771 77 77 77 for the latest timetable. Genarp Church is the only church in Skåne which was built in the 1500s. The playwright Lars Norén lived here in his youth.

Se www.skanetrafiken.se alt ring +46 771 77 77 77 för aktuell tidtabell. Genarps kyrka är den enda kyrka som uppfördes i Skåne på 1500-talet.... More

2. Konsum

Grocery shop Tel +46 10 741 62 40

Livsmedelsaffär Tfn +46 10 741 62 40

3. Jinnarps pizzeria

Pizzeria Tel +46 40 48 21 85

Pizzeria Tfn +46 40 48 21 85

4. Kakans konditori

Pastry Tel +46 40 48 07 39

Konditori Tfn +46 40 48 07 39

5. Toilet/Toalett

Also parking and rubbish bins.

Samt parkering och sopkärl.

6. Häckeberga mill/Häckeberga kvarn

This beautiful mill ruin lies adjacent to the River Höje å. The Mill was first mentioned at the beginning of the 1600s. The associated house was demolished in the 1950s. Do not miss the stone channel upstream.

Intill Höje å ligger denna vackra kvarnruin. Kvarnen är omnämnd första gången i början av 1600-talet. Tillhörande bostadshus revs först på... More

7. Campsite Allmänningen/Lägerplats Allmänningen

Camp site with shelter, water (boil before using), firewood and toilet associated with the Skåneleden Trail.

Lägerplats med vindskydd, vatten (kokas innan förtäring), ved och toalett tillhörande Skåneleden.

8. Järnhatten

The Romeleåsen ridge, which you are now climbing up, is actually a horst which was created by tectonic movements along a fault in the bedrock. At Järnhatten the bedrock is exposed, stop here and consider the fact that the same bedrock was first discovered 2000 m under the current ground level at Lundaslätten.

Romeleåsen, som du nu rör dig uppför ... More

9. Kullatorpet

The croft dates from 1832 and has been managed by the Swedish Tourist Association since 1940. A wood fired stove and kerosine lamps are still in use here. Kullatorpet is usually open on Sundays and it is also possible to book an overnight stay in advance. Ring +46 40 54 84 28 for more information.

Torp från 1832 som sedan 1940 har underhållits av... More

10. Romeleklint

This is the next highest point on Romeleåsen, at 175 m above sea level. Carl von Linné stood here and counted the church towers when on his trip through Skåne in 1749. There is more woodland today, but still a lovely view. The radar tower and other old military installations were built in the 1960s.

Romeleåsens näst högsta punkt, 175 möh. Här... More

11. Konsum

Grocery shop Tel +46 46 804 85.

Livsmedelsaffär Tfn +46 46 804 85.

12. Asian Flavour

Serves food and has a licence to serve alcohol. Tel +46 46 850 85.

Matservering med fullständiga rättigheter. Tfn +46 46 850 85.

13. Majas café

Pastry Tel +46 46 860 03.

Konditori Tfn +46 46 860 03.

14. Bus stop Veberöd centrum/Hållplats Veberöd centrum

See www.skanetrafiken.se or ring +46 771 77 77 77 for the latest timetable. Veberöd is an old village which was described in written texts as early as the 1500s. The railway came to the village at the end of the 1800s. This meant that several industries became established, including the brick factory, which over many years set its mark on Veberöd.... More